Monday, November 28, 2016

Denim Stencils and Embroidery

Today I have a different thing for you, the kind of tutorial I reserve for my Snapguide but I decided to share it here instead!
Using TCW 652S stencil from the Crafty Chica collection!
Explanations for every stitch hereSnapguide
Here we go!
Draw inside the stencil, you can use a water soluble pen, this is a denim jacket so I used a pen, put your traced design inside the embroidery hoop
Do tiny stitches to give couch and volume to your satin stitch
Back stitch, perfect for stems!

French knot, perfect for flower centers, or small flower buds

Lazy daisy, perfect for petals or stamens, even some leaves too!
Bouillon stitch, perfect for petals or to form roses!
Skippity hop one happy daughter sporting a new jacket!
I hope I've inspired you in creating something different using your stencils! Maybe like me you can give a new life to an old piece! Keep me posted of your progress,

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nutcracker Suite

It is the beggining of the Holiday Season! I'm into creating, decorating and sharing, and it makes me so happy!
For the Relics and Artifacts Muse I have created a beautiful nutcracker soldier, decked in one of my favorites things: Dresdens! Gold, silver, small, big they all are so fun to play with. You should just give them a chance and have a go and play!

I have detailed photos at the Muse to see more just follow the link!