Friday, June 26, 2015

Relics Cameo, a painting tutorial video

Hi! I have a new video to share with you, there's a tutorial on how to paint your Relics using Design Memory Craft gelatos.

Here's the video, enjoy.  And as always, you can leave me any questions on the comments!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Channeling Frida, her Flaming Heart

During a recent trip to Mexico I had the fortune of visiting Frida's home in Coyoacán.
I did so in the company of my daughter who was in total awe of all her work, well who wouldn't?  But walking and discussing her work with my little one was a treat and sometimes I was put on the spot by Frida's graphic work, not an easy feast to explain to a 10 year old.
Today I dressed in orange, wore my colorful handmade jewelry and decided to embrace color and to channel Frida, this is my interpretation, an 11x14 canvas
my sketch

Sandra's awesome Flaming Heart was the perfect accent for her jewelry

I took inspiration from this photograph, now I need to frame her!
 In her garden I found this!
In her worktable I spotted this!

 Her remains lay here in her home
Couldn't resist doing a Frida & Diego take!

Her colorful, awesome footware

Part of her Studio

 SHE was the Queen of Mixed Media, check this out!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Alas de la Ciudad, Mexico

There's a beautiful new mood board by Veera in Scrap Around the World
lovely colors to play with if you want to give it a try!
I experimented with Dyan Reaveley new Dylusions Paint, pure yumminess in my opinion!
I blended Bubble Gum Pink and Squeezed Orange with White Linen to achieve a subtle palette

I also stamped with gold embossing powder

my interpretation of Sketch No 141 from Sketchabilities!
 This cute pic was taken in Mexico City, a public sculpture called "Alas de la Ciudad", "Wings of the City", where you can photograph yourself with this beautiful bronze!
here's the mood board so you can play!

This is the sketch!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Relics and Artifacts Tutorial Video!

Hi everybody! Last Saturday I needed to decorate a hat for a special event.  Since I don't wear them as often as I would like I decided to put my medallion to better use.  Creating a necklace that I know I will wear more time and time again.  After the event Saturday I discovered some abalone beads and I paired them with my Medallion, to my surprise the hues were so similar I knew I had found my match!
I knew in the same package of Relics was a piece with double attachments and the vision was complete.
 Can you see the way the Abalone matches? I love it!
After making it, I discovered a piece of filigree that when bent with my hands wrapped around snuggly around my center Medallion.  It also matched my micro beads, so on it went

For my other Medallion I wanted to give it the same finish and I wanted it to be framed with something equally special so I hand beaded two flowers to attach it!
Since the vision of creating this was crystal clear in my head I decided to go ahead and take the plunge and film myself while creating this so you could have the benefit of a tutorial.
Please accept my apologies as this is unchartered terrain for me.
I do hope you enjoy it and as always you can leave me any questions you have on my comments and I will take the time to answer!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Relics and Artifacts, Medallion, Patina Tutorial

Hi again, on my last tutorial I brought you an ExVoto done using medallions.  This time it is very short and straightforward a medallion to adorn my hat!
 Gather your stuff and come and play!
 You may need other
 This layer will create a nice, grainy texture, you don't need to go into every part
 After it dries bring out your heavy gesso in black and coat the whole piece
 I wanted to play with Vintaj Patina's.  I know they were design for metal, but hey who's to stop me?
 yup, well worth the effort now it's more of an antique Relic!
 A rub with your fingers with Inka Gold will highlight the features you covered in black
and now you have a conversation piece to enjoy!
I rather like my necklace, it's not just for the home you know!
Have an awesome weekend

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Flaming ExVoto, a Relics and Artifacts Tutorial

Sometimes it Really is Black & White!  Are you among us, B&W fans? My closet is composed of so many black dresses, shirts and pants  ...I t was Neiman Marcus who said Women who wear Black live colorful Lives! And so I live,
Dressed in Black... elegant, understated, day to night B & W
I remember my first black pencil skirt, it was a handmade present.  My mom sew it for me after begging her for one.  She said I had to wait until I was 18 because younger girls don't wear black.
My that was such a treat and treasure and bummer so long a wait...
So now I'm almost 50 and to this day black is still my full dress code, along with some white for good measure.
Prima's post inspired me to create this piece, I had being toying with more of Sandra Everton's Relics & Artifacts and this was it! I also wanted to play with Finnabair Mixed-Media Academy Open Studio Challenge


Black-white Want to come and see how it's done? Gather your stuff and begin your journey
 Various Relics, Wood, Art Extravagance, Art Basics, Micro beads
 I used black gesso and graphite for it's wonderful toothy texture and shine when it dries
same as Marta I'm a fan of adding textures with stencils

 while the textures were drying I gessoed my Flaming ExVoto
 Once the wood was dry I experimented with some white crackle smears, here I have my fingers crossed that I will have black on my cracks...

Remember my Fractured Heart post? Well it was time to bring the tools out again because remember the screw I took out of my cameo? I saved it of course and this here was in need of it in order to hang one more Medallion...

 Once all your screws are in place you can do some bead work and attach them to complete your piece
 the silver vine was a piece I had, one of those irresistible findings you get, and now I'm sad I didn't get two, otherwise I would have wrapped my heart in it, I love the way it looks...The Rosary Beads and the cross is a Relic by Spellbinders

 I used a metal loop on my wood in order to hang my piece when I'm not wearing it.   Imagine it a piece of jewelry that also fits as a home décor item.  Double duty at its best!

 I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial, remember to leave me any doubts on the comments, I'll be happy to answer your questions!
And thanks for the visit!