Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year Resolutions

Ok I said the one before this was my last post of the year...yet today inspiration struck and I obliged. And yes I decided it was worth sharing with you as well!
In my hands the Relics and Artifacts have a way of speaking to me and they connect with each other so well, like pieces in a puzzle!
I started with the center head, it represents me then to my left is my son  with his unruly hair to my right my younger daughter. The eyes represent how we look at the future together. The cross represents my faith and my commitment to make it stronger next year.  The dove represents the Holy Spirit and how I wish it guides us through next year.  I hope the Angels help me guide my family through and thus there's an Angels wing!
I painted with heavy white gesso and then used white crackle paste to represent purity.
I also drilled a hole on the wood to thread  the Lumies, another pure white light.
There's much to look forward to in the future.  There's a lot to do in the now. It's been an exciting year and I look forward to the new one with hopeful eyes! 

Thanks as always for stopping by! Happy New Year everyone!
PS: look me up on Snapguide to learn how to make it!


  1. This touches my heart, the way you authentically capture all that is precious in your life. Milagros, good wishes for the New Year. May all your dreams be fulfilled and life filled with joy.

  2. Oh, so beautiful - and I hope a wonderful New Year is in store for you and yours!

  3. So very lovely....many, many levels....

  4. How lovely this is! I especially like how relevant it is to your own life, Milagros! A beautiful piece of art. xx