Friday, January 29, 2016

On making a leather cuff with a Relics and Artifacts adornment

Hi!!!! Yesterday I gave you a CHA recap of the wonderful people I met in Anaheim, CA. I failed miserably in taking a picture of the great  Jill Mackay  We met at the Sizzix booth. As I was walking the floor with my Relics and Artifacts jewelry she spotted me and asked if I was a designer.... Then she showed me what she had created for Sizzix and I was  madly in love!!!
Dies to cut leather to make jewelry and dyed pieces of leather of the best quality around, plus she will also have some findings to work with it all!!!! The collection will be available in April but I got the chance to work with it first hand. She graciously gave me some pieces to play!
Here's my first piece, a bracelet I've also used as a choker! There are 3 different dies used in this piece!
To learn how to make it visit my Snapguide   That way you'll be ready when the dies hit the stores!!! See you there!!!
Stay tuned for the next one, a full tutorial has been  done and will be coming soon!


  1. I will be sure to keep my eye out! I already make leather cuffs out of recycled belts and other cool items and this will be an awesom new twist!