Sunday, July 3, 2016

Art Journal Watercolor Fun!

Art Journal sketching is liberating, I have no rules, truly no cares about rules.  There are no rules in my book I can do whatever I want, really. I have learned that I can reuse a page I ruined, or a page I used to teach someone at my store how to use a certain product or combine a technique.  I was trying to explain to a friend what goes behind one of my drawings.
This is the end product but here's what happened first. I used my Colorburst to show a client how to use them with a stencil. These are the Caribbean Brights and like the name says they're bright and potent. I'm using orchid, chartreuse and turquoise over a TCW Rebekah Meier stencil (confession about fave designers). Maybe it's her textile background but I have quite a collection of her stencils and I treasure each and every one!
This one is Called  I think, be in love, it makes for nice sunglasses too( look at  my Instagram page @milagroscrivera) the purple blob on the right was made by showing her that if you leave a bit of Colorburst overnight in your palette it can still be used after activating it with water!
Then I sketch over that page that had no other purpose in life right!
It's a basic pencil drawing, I'm no expert here I just like repurposing color and experiment with what I already have! 
I seal my underplay with clear gesso, (that's why you see a change of intensity in the color and why it runs, )otherwise it will activate with water again and I can't add more layers and over it I pick certain spots to draw over with a stabilo pencil
Then I use my waterbrush to melt those stabilo traces and give some contours to the face and movement to the hair
On the final stage I refine the eyes and pick my Rebekah Meier stencils again to add details and texture with black modeling paste!  This time I realized the one I like using to contour my hair rounded up the shoulders too! 
So there you have it, that's what happens in my no rules journal, hope you enjoyed the process!


  1. Love this process, Milagros! Using 'found' color and form is so freeing. Thank you.