Friday, July 18, 2014

Jamie Dougherty Gardenia Bloom Stencil Tutorial

Hi! it's a gloomy Friday, after the gorgeous sun we had last Friday today has been so overcast I am happy to be indoors, creating... 
I don't know if you have had a chance to play with Dina Wakley's heavy body paints? You haven't you say?
Go get some, they have the most wonderful colors in it's palette, they are happy, sunny and
" Caribbean flaired",  kinda like me!
Well I was so thrilled to get the new Prima in yesterday that you know by the day end yesterday I had finish 2 watercolors (in the new pad and tag pad...) and was waiting in line to work the canvas.
You know there is a certain 10 year old who takes precedence over her mama...
So I had to wait 'till today to use my new Gardenia stencil
Here's the finished bag
some closies

I loved this girl

so here's a quickie tutorial for you
Número Uno-PRIME your surface, after all it's canvas, go ahead and feel like an artist
the reason behind this is your paint will flow easier once the stencil is on!

After you finished your gesso you should have your perfect blank canvas ready to work
While this dried I decided to put it on my lap and handstitch my flowers on the handle
helped with my patience, you know I had already waited a whole day...

put your stencil on and using a stiffed bristle brush fill it with paint following the lines, you can also use a sponge and pound it in if it makes you happier, I find the paint brush method works fine.
sorry I couldn't take a photo of me with the brush, afraid for my camera

I hope you don't blame for not showing you a black and white paint I was so into painting I forgot I was doing a tutorial, LOL

Work your background and after it dries use a stencil to add your fave wording.

you can not see it clearly but there's some tummy glass bead glitter gel on it!
then you can use your fave embellies to decorate
you can blame the gloomy pics on my overcast day, hard as I tried I can not bring by the sun!
like gold trim, sequins and a brooch!
I am ready to go into town now, hope you have enjoyed this as much as I did creating it!


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