Friday, May 13, 2016

A beautiful mind, art journal entry

I was attempting a profile sketch today. This very important person in my heart who has a beautiful mind. I wanted to use a stencil in a very unconventional way. Trying to represent what goes on in our heads, gears churning in constant movement. Inquisitive minds learning, absorbing, remembering 
I'll never know what really goes in her head but she, my biggest cheerleader or my biggest critic approves so I'll share this one with you. In all its rawness 

And a bit behind the scenes
Yes bullseye, I wanted it to fit over her eye
The rest is just creative madness that happens in a blur, my eyeglasses full of black modeling paste, even my cheeks 
But I'm pleased and more determined than ever to practice, practice, practice to make a better job on the next one

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