Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ken Oliver Colorburst discoveries

Sometimes it pays to never give up. The art journey is one of discoveries. I should know my materials better, I'm making progress and notes, learning one mistake makes for a class in itself. Another creates a new technique, at least in my hands... I don't know it all and I'm eager to learn and experiment 
Take Remember for instance!  I show people how to use products in my store. One such is the awesome Colorburst by Ken Oliver, yes it's magic in your hands. Those demonstrations happen in my journal, they end up being not so blank canvases in which I can experiment
Here's a classic before and after
Back to my girl, you know Wicked right?
Well let me introduce her to you just in case
She started as a lime green backdrop

Inspired by this goofy picture from Mother's Day 
Yes seems we are colorful people!
Now the fun begins!
Mistake number one: if you have a Colorburst background it will be alive , waiting for you to play again... I added some acrylic paint and it reacted with the watercolor
Frustration left me to play on another page, and sleep on it...
I decided 2 things
#1 I loved the way the liquid metal behaved over the watercolor and how shimmery it was
#2 I learned that if I used clear gesso over I I could seal it and start over ( it will react with the gesso too)
Look carefully at the top right part of her hair do. On the next pictures you'll be able to see a slight green tint, carried over by the clear gesso from her face up. But after it dried it did take all kinds of mediums well!
Funky neon highlights and shadow play
Liking it more and more, look at the copper shine in her hair!
Stencil play, black modeling paste
She actually loved the butterfly I did over her eyes and the weeds in her hair, she's my honest critic, my little one!
So you see it may seem impossible but never give up in the end you'll have learned and discovered and grow

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