Thursday, August 25, 2016

As for me and my house

We shall serve the Lord, Joshua 24:15
Some things just plain obsess me, I get distracted quite easy! My head spins with ideas and the other day I was texting with Sandra Evertson and she said " I have ideas forever". Talk about kindred spirits!
So I wanted to use one of Rebekah Meier's stencils in a common ground we share, I wanted to do it in fabric. And so I started the journey, then I said how about if I put it on an embroidery hoop and so there it went...
I used versacraft for this, safe on fabric

It was so cool! I said how about if I combine this with some Zenspirations stencils and do a dream catcher?
Distractions I tell you. Then Ken Oliver posts this color challenge. And yes favorite colors and all I drew one of my faces and entered the challenge 
And then he posts live and paints ribbon with Colorburst!!! How many times have I done that with other things and I hadn't done it with Colorburst!!!!! Major let's do this and do this pronto alert in my head
So I come to my studio see my hoop and bam inspiration! Another what if checked from my list!
Begin by giving a coat of clear gesso to your fabric you need to prep this for the Colorburst 
Set aside to dry and repeat the process for the feathers
Once it dries your canvas is ready!
Have some fun painting your lace like a mandala, very therapeutic!
Once finished you're ready to cut I believe with time they will fray a bit but it'll be even more charming 
My Hands, the evidence of painting ribbon and lace...
Scrunch in your hands as you dry them for the crumpled look, very boho and cool!
Using needle and thread stitch the feather
Continue securing your fabric to the hoop and grab the rest of the feathers with some quick stitches
I added some scripture journaling with one of the new Zenspirations stencils!
And a closer look at the yummy ribbon !
Colorburst: turquoise, chartreuse, yellow ochre and a combo of chartreuse and tangerine!

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