Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Prima's August PPP

Have you seen Prima's new color palette for August?  It is absolutely delicious!  I knew I had to play and I have to confess I hoarded this Donna Downey bag for the longest time {Like 4 years...}, I have  no idea if you can still find it.  Anywhoo it was waiting for the perfect thing and Jamie's Free Spirit was it!
 makes me feel like going back to College, must be I'm missing my son...
but seriously I think it's the perfect crossover for College 15"x13"x3"

I had so much fun playing with my Silk glaze paints and she turned out so shiny, her hair was done in glorious shimmery chestnut brown, the pinks in the blooms was done mixing their liquid glaze with their Primary Elements pigments and the feathers with  Teal Zircon

of course I had to use more feathers...

I loved so much the white on white textural view I almost left her bare, maybe next, who knows I love that textural simple look too!
here's the palette I used

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