Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#Today, a gel medium tutorial

I have chosen to use the wonderful new watercolor paper by Jamie for Prima  for this page.  First layer a thin coat of gesso.  After it dries ( you can use the heatgun) layer your stencil on desired place and use a thin layer of gel medium.
once it dries it will be transparent but trust me it will be there I promise!
Next comes the color, I used Tim Holtz reinkers as they are dye based and thus reactive with water
The colors in this weeks palette were divine!
Draw the big circle with raspberry and dot the middles with some spiced marmalade

be ready with a water sprayer and don't be afraid to get it wet, seriously wet, as in need my Bounty roll to absorb wet!
can you spy the polka dots already?
it is so cool to see the reveal!

this is what it looks like after blotting

now to reveal those precious polka dots use a clean damp rag

 I used black ink and yellow ink for my stamps in the background, remember the rules if thirds!
this is how it looks tone on tone!

now some closies of the finished piece:

I hope this tutorial helps you in creating cool wet backgrounds in your next projects!
'till next!


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