Monday, November 24, 2014

12 Days of Christmas , Color Bloom Sprays Day 9

Hi everybody! I am totally missing day 8, I HAVE to work with my bloom girl, in the meantime I had to break open my new bloom sprays and my other fave worn leather.  I am using several days today: tons of say it in crystals, gorgeous wood icons, blooms sprays for the Prima challenge
Perhaps this is not your regular, average  card you may say, but this one will be shipped off to a dear friend of mine in England who has a darling granddaughter and I know she will be delighted to play with her and perhaps give it to her.
What better way to bring the spirit of Christmas than to share it with someone you care!
I am also caring about the environment as this is an upcycled project.
So off to the nitty gritty
Every Christmas we wait for the almond nougat to come straight from Spain, we absolutely love "turrĂ³n" and specially the one that comes in the wooden box!

I thought the inside had so much possibility

specially when encountered with something as magical as the bloom sprays

I also needed to transform some furniture

see the beautiful shade of teal on my wood and my wallpaper!

now on to the details

I love the way the SIIC make the garland shine, I also hand cut the sewing machine and broke the blue safety of the bloom spray to create the rectangular frame on my table.  I knew I was missing something else on my table so you will see on the next shot what it is

I wish I could make you play a game to figure out which Prima paper I used to frame on my resin piece, LOL!

You see, I needed the word JOY

And now the outside, it has some greenery and it has been shadowed because I don't want to share the address, but my card is already to ship!

Hope you enjoyed my card! And tanks for visiting!

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