Friday, November 28, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Days 8 and 11 Bloom and Julie Nutting

Hi everybody! Hope you had  a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We had family with us and that makes it the best!
Today I am playing another combo using a Bloom Girl and Julie Nutting's Merry Nice sentiments along with some color bloom spray in Gold Foil on fabulous Bloom Girl watercolor paper.
 To create my gold poinsettias I stamped the holly leaves like I showed you on this Christmas tutorial
I embossed them with gold and then used the color bloom with a paint brush to fill them up.  The watercolor paper absorbs the spray so nicely!  Then I sprinkled some 3D Gloss gel and some beads on top for a nice effect.

I totally love the way everything came on together!
Thanks for stopping by!