Friday, June 19, 2015

Channeling Frida, her Flaming Heart

During a recent trip to Mexico I had the fortune of visiting Frida's home in Coyoacán.
I did so in the company of my daughter who was in total awe of all her work, well who wouldn't?  But walking and discussing her work with my little one was a treat and sometimes I was put on the spot by Frida's graphic work, not an easy feast to explain to a 10 year old.
Today I dressed in orange, wore my colorful handmade jewelry and decided to embrace color and to channel Frida, this is my interpretation, an 11x14 canvas
my sketch

Sandra's awesome Flaming Heart was the perfect accent for her jewelry

I took inspiration from this photograph, now I need to frame her!
 In her garden I found this!
In her worktable I spotted this!

 Her remains lay here in her home
Couldn't resist doing a Frida & Diego take!

Her colorful, awesome footware

Part of her Studio

 SHE was the Queen of Mixed Media, check this out!



  1. What an awesome adventure you guys had! Such a joy to see all your photos and your beautiful artwork! You are amazing!

  2. Wonderful post on your Frida adventure Milagros! And such an amazing painting you made of her, wow! Beautiful! Hope you're all well, sending you hugs from the Netherlands, xx