Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Flaming ExVoto, a Relics and Artifacts Tutorial

Sometimes it Really is Black & White!  Are you among us, B&W fans? My closet is composed of so many black dresses, shirts and pants  ...I t was Neiman Marcus who said Women who wear Black live colorful Lives! And so I live,
Dressed in Black... elegant, understated, day to night B & W
I remember my first black pencil skirt, it was a handmade present.  My mom sew it for me after begging her for one.  She said I had to wait until I was 18 because younger girls don't wear black.
My that was such a treat and treasure and bummer so long a wait...
So now I'm almost 50 and to this day black is still my full dress code, along with some white for good measure.
Prima's post inspired me to create this piece, I had being toying with more of Sandra Everton's Relics & Artifacts and this was it! I also wanted to play with Finnabair Mixed-Media Academy Open Studio Challenge


Black-white Want to come and see how it's done? Gather your stuff and begin your journey
 Various Relics, Wood, Art Extravagance, Art Basics, Micro beads
 I used black gesso and graphite for it's wonderful toothy texture and shine when it dries
same as Marta I'm a fan of adding textures with stencils

 while the textures were drying I gessoed my Flaming ExVoto
 Once the wood was dry I experimented with some white crackle smears, here I have my fingers crossed that I will have black on my cracks...

Remember my Fractured Heart post? Well it was time to bring the tools out again because remember the screw I took out of my cameo? I saved it of course and this here was in need of it in order to hang one more Medallion...

 Once all your screws are in place you can do some bead work and attach them to complete your piece
 the silver vine was a piece I had, one of those irresistible findings you get, and now I'm sad I didn't get two, otherwise I would have wrapped my heart in it, I love the way it looks...The Rosary Beads and the cross is a Relic by Spellbinders

 I used a metal loop on my wood in order to hang my piece when I'm not wearing it.   Imagine it a piece of jewelry that also fits as a home décor item.  Double duty at its best!

 I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial, remember to leave me any doubts on the comments, I'll be happy to answer your questions!
And thanks for the visit!


  1. Simply Stunning!! I love every last beautiful detail!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your details. It really is lovely!

  3. So glad I made the time to pop over and see this. It really is so stunning in black and white - what a dramatic piece of work! I love how your blog post made the whole creation come alive with the personal touch too. xxx

  4. Wonderful creation! Beautiful black and white design and great textures of the surface. xx

  5. Excellent creation! Great Job!
    Hugs, Sony