Saturday, June 13, 2015

Relics and Artifacts, Medallion, Patina Tutorial

Hi again, on my last tutorial I brought you an ExVoto done using medallions.  This time it is very short and straightforward a medallion to adorn my hat!
 Gather your stuff and come and play!
 You may need other
 This layer will create a nice, grainy texture, you don't need to go into every part
 After it dries bring out your heavy gesso in black and coat the whole piece
 I wanted to play with Vintaj Patina's.  I know they were design for metal, but hey who's to stop me?
 yup, well worth the effort now it's more of an antique Relic!
 A rub with your fingers with Inka Gold will highlight the features you covered in black
and now you have a conversation piece to enjoy!
I rather like my necklace, it's not just for the home you know!
Have an awesome weekend


  1. Beautiful piece and an awesome tutorial.

  2. Ah! You are Brilliant my dear!! Gorgeous and inventive works! Such clever use of materials... I love a girl who thinks outside the box!! xo